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Top 10 Betting Strategies From Professional Punters and Tipsters

Top 10 Betting Strategies From Professional Punter and Tipster

Follow our advice to make money from the bookies.


Betting strategies can help people to make a lot of money if they are followed correctly.

You are never going to be guaranteed success through the use of these plans and schemes, of course.

Betting is always going to be reliant on luck, so there is no such thing as a sure, 100 percent winner.

But betting strategies can undoubtedly improve the chances of coming out on top against the bookies.

Here are 10 of the top ways professional punters and tipsters make their money:


1. Keep track of all your bets

You should always have a running tally of whether you are up and down on your wagers.

Doing this means you can see quickly which types of bets are winners more often than not.

Use this information to shape which wagers you decide to place and which you swerve.


2. Follow established patterns

Keeping a close record of all your bets also helps with the next of our top betting strategies.

Following established patterns will help you to come out on top more often than not.

Bookies love it when punters go with their gut or instinct rather than carefully selecting their bets.


3. Never cut corners

You might sometimes be rushing to put a bet on, but this is where mistakes can happen.

Research is king in this game, so you need to make sure you have not cut any corners.


4. Test any new strategies in advance

New plans and systems are crucial to success in the sports betting world.

But before putting a new betting strategy in place, test it thoroughly, so you are confident it will be a winner.


5. Take a long-term view

You might want quick gains, but there are no shortcuts to success in professional betting.

Taking a long-term view with no panic in dry spells is the right way to make long-term cash.


6. Control your emotions

Remaining a stable emotional force is crucial for those seeking to become professional gamblers.

Wagers placed when particularly up or down are not as likely to succeed, so control your emotions carefully.


7. Manage your money

As well as tracking your bets, also keep a close record of your money – just like a banker.

Some professional gamblers like to draw a wage to control their winnings more carefully.

Others will prefer to leave it in their bankroll. It is up to you, but make sure you never bet what you cannot afford to lose.


8. Be decisive

Good value odds are not easy to come by. The bookmaker has to protect themselves from losses. So when they are on offer, the professional gambler must strike aggressively. Do not be afraid to place big bets.

As long as you are taking good value, you are on the right track to success.


9. Use betting tips

Your own research should be the main thing taken into account when placing wagers. But betting tips are a useful addition and can be checked against your personal selections.


10. Maximize offers and promotions

Last but not least, promotions are routinely offered by bookmakers to attract customers. These are easy enough to exploit for professional gamblers seeking to make a living.

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